2019 Best way to Achieve Success


Do you want to be successful in life?

Yes, indeed! Everyone is aiming for a successful life.

I am not saying I am successful now, I just want to share you the story of my life to inspire you and give you hope that you can succeed and fulfill your dreams in due time with your hard work, determination, and prayers.

I live in a rural area in some part of Zambales, it’s a place where as you need to travel in the sea using a boat for about forty-five minutes to one hour for you to reach the public market. Most of the people that lived there is a fisherman, they catch fishes and sell it to the market for them to sustain their everyday expenses. My father is one of them, he leaves our house at night using the boat and stays in the middle of the ocean for about two to three days. Sometimes they catch a lot of fishes but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes typhoon occurred when they are still in the ocean. There are times our boat sink in the middle of the sea because of the typhoon, good thing my father got back to us alive. They asked other boats to help them to get back to the land. I can say it’s really hard living in there, we always have worries every time that my father leaves the house to catch fishes. Maybe it’s the reason why I decided to focus on my studies. I need to finish my study for us to be able to have a comfortable life we ever wanted. There is no high school in there, so for us to continue our study we need to leave our place. I studied high school in Matain, Subic Zambales. You need to ride on a boat to get there, my parents asked my aunt to let me stay in their house while I’m studying. It’s really hard to live in a house that’s not yours. You need a lot of adjustments for them to let you stay. It’s not really easy but you can survive. I finished high school with flying colors and so my college degree. I took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Now, I am an Accountant in a private company in Subic. After 10 years I have now my own house, it’s not that big but it is comfortable to live in. It takes me a lot of hard work and needs a lot of saving. I need to sacrifice all things and food that I wanted and forget my dream to travel for me to be able to save, especially the time when I just started working, my salary was not yet that much.  But still, I make sure that I less my savings first before all my expenses. And of course, it’s all happened with the help of my parents and siblings. I am really grateful to have them by my side.

You just need to set your goals in life, what is it that you wanted to be in the future? If you have your goals, just focus on it, ready your life for hard works and sacrifices, have determination, make it as a challenge. If you fail just don’t easily give up. Find another alternative, maybe it’s not just the right time for you. Have patience, it will not come so easily. And always pray, Gods know what will be the best for you.

Even though I am not yet in the peak of success now, I don’t have a big house, I don’t have a big savings, I don’t have a company of my own either but at least I have my own house and I have my work and a little savings to sustain our day to day expenses and I am living happily with my daughter and husband. My parents and my siblings are still there supporting and helping me to survive in life and vice versa. Problems and difficulties are still coming but at least we are all together with our journey in life.

Being successful is having a contented and happy life.


Thanks for reading.

Cupid is online


Hi guys, we have another special page just for you. Cupid is online, we know love is in the air always, we wanted to accommodate you and give you some advice about your love queries, problems, your doubts about your lover, your worries and all matters related to your hearts. We wanted you to feel comfortable and feel relieved, we wanted to help you to build your trust again to your partner, and if possible we wanted you to get back in each other arms and let love continues to bloom again. Of course, it’s on the process, step by step, one by one.

We all know that we had different love stories, from a childhood friend to lovers, from co-workers to lovers, from enemy to lovers, from strangers to lovers, all have different stories on how it is started and how it’s will end.

Relationships take a different path, sometimes it comes in your way, you can feel all the happiness as if your hearts will be going to explode from joy but sometimes it’s will make you cry a lot as if it’s the end of the world for you. We cannot stop it from happening, we cannot predict what will be going to happen, even in your love stories there is always a villain. You cannot stop them from coming. The problem arises all the time, even in the time that you think you can relax, hindrances may pop up and get into your way which creates a struggle to your relationship.

We just wanted to hear your love stories and let see how we will going to give you a piece of advice or provide you a solution for you to coup up in your struggle.


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Cupid is online to help you



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COHO Subic

coho subic
coho subic 2

COHO is set to redefine what it means to live in Subic, Zambales.

The epitome of a vertical village, COHO combines the tranquility and the relaxing vibe of a sprawling suburban community with the strategic location of a condominium.

COHO is perfect for young urban professionals, starting families, and anyone who desires a dynamic city living.

Located right behind VistaMall Subic (soon to rise) and only a few minutes away from a beautiful beach area and Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

The distinct and new-generation COHO Lifestyle will soon to experience in Subic, Zambales!


Disaster, Destroyer 2019


Is it really the end of the world?

Last Monday, April 22, 2019 Earthquake magnitude 5.7 occurred in Zambales. The center is in Castillejos Zambales. It destroyed many infrastructures and other properties not only in Zambales but also in other areas like Pampanga and some part in Manila.

I was about to enter in our office in Naugsol Zambales when it happened. Our office is on the 2nd floor of the building. The building was still in progress, there are still areas that are not yet finished. Many employees are working in a high area. Good things really happened, it’s happened around past five in the afternoon, all employees were out of their duties. I’m still in the office because it’s our payroll and we are not yet finished. I’m about to open the door when the other door from my right is moving very fast, I thought someone was eagerly to open the door until such time I realized it’s an earthquake. For a moment, I wanted to enter the office but I decided to go back and go down to the stairs. I already made it in the 1st set of stairs but the building is still moving and it’s really strong. That very moment I taught maybe it’s my time, time to leave the earth.  But I successfully go down safe and sound. Thanks be to God.

Earthquake, Tsunami, Typhoon, War, and other disasters are all happened in our world and still going to happen in the future. Many people have suffered and died, many properties destroyed. Some say it’s what’s written on the bible and it’s about the end of the world. Do you believe this? Maybe or maybe not. It’s not really important if it’s true or not, what matters is if you are ready if this time comes. Are you ready to leave the world and stay with God? Are you prepared enough to face him?

All things happen in the world have its reason, you just have to accept the fact we’re not going to exist in the world forever, time will come for us to leave the life we are living now. It’s just that we don’t know when and who’s going to leave first and who’s going to be the last. Just always be ready all the time. And I know you already know how to ready yourself.


Still, keep safe always.




Every day is Mother’s Day!

images mom

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, honoring the sacrifices and influence of mothers in society. We always greet our mom a Happy Mother’s Day every 2nd Sunday of May, we always gave them a present on that day. But for me, it’s not enough, their hard work as a mom is not just only one day in a year. It’s every day, so every day is Mother’s Day!

I am always thankful to my mom because of her I am here in the world living and experiencing a good life, not always so good but at least we survived. But I realized being thankful is not enough until such time I experienced having my own child, it is really difficult to be a mother. For nine months you need to take care of your child in your womb. I’m always afraid that I may do a wrong move that may affect her growth, I always thought that it’s easy to have a child but it’s really not. After nine months, you need to give birth, you are still weak so you cannot take care of your child to that very moment she’s outside the world. I feel useless at that time.

The worries and difficulties are not ended by just giving birth to your child, you need to feed and nurture them, you need to be awake all the time, you need to be alert always that something might happen in your sleep. It is true that your mom always watching you sleep because she always cared for and loved you.

You know it is very difficult for a mom not to give their child wants. They said no because they can’t afford it or it’s not good for you but deep inside they have hurt especially your mom because that how I feel as a mother. I wanted to give my daughter everything she wanted, I always think about what is best for her. I always wanted to provide her a good life. I know every mom feel the same way I felt.

As a mother, you need to be their first teacher. You need to teach your child not only in academics but also good values. You need to teach them how to be a good person and how to survive in the world. As a mother, your child education would be your difficulties, where is the best school to send your child, if it’s the best, can you afford it?  Even now, you are old enough to take care of yourself, your mom is always there to loved and protect you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mom out there! I salute you all!


Always Think POSITIVE!


Are you always feeling upset if someone says you’re not pretty or you are fat or your fashion was not that good? Or are you always feeling afraid that someone might tell something bad about you? Don’t worry you are not alone. Every one of us had feared that we are not that good in perspective of other people. But it is really a must for someone to be a better person in the eyes of others? What is a better person anyway? And how to be a better person?

In terms of looks, fashion, character, all of us are made by our creator differ from one another. One person has something that others don’t have. We can’t push ourselves to be someone we don’t even know in person. Even you buy like her/his clothes, you cut your hair like their hairstyle, even you undergo in the process of changing your face or body to be like someone, you are still different from him/her. It’s not bad, it’s your choice.

But after doing everything to make you look good, is it worth it? Yes! Don’t regret what you did to yourself, especially if it feels good and If it’s uplift your fighting spirit. But we cannot please everybody, right? There are others still thinking bad about you. But don’t mind them, it’s your choice, prove to them that you made a wise decision.

From my own point of view, things are getting worse if you think too much about others. Let us say someone says your fat and because of it you feel annoyed or you feel depressed, it turns out a bad impact on you. What if you replied back to him/her, I am fat because I have a lot of food to eat. It turns out you feel proud of being fat and then no one can bully you from being fat again because they know you can handle it. It is about how will you defend yourself from the so-called bullying. Just always think positive, always think the bright side. When you slipped in the floor out of the blue, and all persons who saw you were laughing, yes, it is really a shameful scene but you can turn it into positive, like for example, you stand up and wave like a miss universe or say something like, can you do that and then smile or make a joke about it. Everyone made a mistake in their life like they said nobody’s perfect.

When you always think the bright side, you always feel relax and at ease, even others think the other way. You knew yourself, just don’t be affected and act as if you don’t even hear them. It is you who can tell if you’re a better person or not or if you do wrong or not. You cannot get up and tell the world that you’re a beautiful and better person if you don’t believe your one.

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