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Camella Subic - COHO by Vista LAnd

Create beautiful lifestyles in an exclusive resort-inspired vertical village at COHO Subic!

Experience 365 days of summer living only here in Subic, Zambales! The country's best investment and tourism destination!

Your first condo in Subic for only 20,000 initial payment!

Camella Homes – COHO


COHO is Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. Official's newest brand for stylish and high-quality condominium developments in prime locations across highly urbanized cities nationwide.

The unique beauty of COHO:
It lets you be free to create the lifestyle you want. Because now, you're surrounded by all the conveniences you need.

So you can become all you can be.
Wherever you may be.

Now rising in 25 beautiful locations nationwide:
1. Taguig
2. Las Piñas
3. Caloocan
4. Subic
5. Bataan
6. Pampanga
7. Baliwag
8. Antipolo
9. Bacoor
10. Imus
11. Tagaytay
12. Lipa
13. Legazpi
14. Palawan
15. Iloilo
16. Bacolod
17. Mactan
18. Talisay, Cebu
19. Bohol
20. Dumaguete
21. Cagayan de Oro
22. Butuan
23. Davao City
24. Tagum
25. General Santos

COHO by Vista Land.
Create beautiful lifestyles.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Process in the Philippines


Do you want to open a Company which offered Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

Accounting and Bookkeeping is one of the in-demand and profitable business in the Philippines. And it is the number one Freelancer job offered by an individual in the country.

Here are the duties and responsibilities of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

  1. For a new business, you need to register the company first in SEC (for Partnership and Corporation), DTI for (Single proprietorship).
  • How to register the business to DTI?

Click the link –

  • How to register the business to the SEC?

Click the link -

  1. You must secure a Mayor’s Permit, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) registration, Social Security System (SSS) registration, PHILHEALTH registration, and PAG-IBIG Fund registration.

What are the requirements and process to secure the mayor’s permit?                  

How to register the business in BIR?

How to register the business in SSS, PHILHEALTH and PAG-IBIG Fund?

  1. After all the registration process, you must check 2303 or BIR certificate of registration to have the knowledge to what you will need to be a file in BIR every month.
  2.  Once it’s all done, you must file and pay the company’s obligation in BIR, SSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAG-IBIG Fund on its due date.

How to pay BIR, SSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAG-IBIG Fund?

In SSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAG-IBIG Fund, you must do first the list of employees online with their respective contribution, print out the payment form and pay in the nearest SSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAG-IBIG while in BIR, you can pay it in a bank for manual and for electronic filing, you can pay it online using your bank account that applied online. SSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAG-IBIG Fund payment can be done also online, just visit your bank and ask the requirements and process on how to pay online your SSS, PHILHEALTH, and PAG-IBIG obligations.

  1. After payment, online reporting is a must.

SSS – no need to report employees, it’s automatically reported once you paid.

PHILHEALTH – log in to your Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS) and input the date and place of payment and the OR number.

PAG-IBIG Fund – same as SSS, once paid, all employees included in the listing will already be posted.

  1. You need to track the company’s transactions, you need to keep accounting records and keep it updated. You need also to secure books of accounts such as Cash, Sales, Purchases, Disbursement, and ledger and make sure to keep it up to date, this is for manual, you can also apply for electronic filing of books wherein you will provide and submit a soft copy of all your Sales, Purchases, Disbursement and ledger in BIR file format.


I hope it will help you.


How to mend a broken heart?

broken heart

Loving someone is feeling awesome indeed.

It is really nice to be in love, knowing someone is there for you to protect you, to fill all the emptiness in your heart, to support you and hug you in times of trouble and lift you up if you feeling down, it really feels good, right? You have someone with you if wanted to dine outside if you wanted to watch a movie, if you want to go out of town, someone is there for you, to take care of you. It’s awesome, indeed. But being in love makes you vulnerable because you become dependent on the people you love, you will be going to get hurt easily if he betrays you. Love is like a business, it’s full of risk. Once you invest a feeling for someone, you also take that risk. Your business may grow and make a lot of profit but you can also be lost in one wrong move and decided to close down your business.  As well as, if you love someone, it may grow and continue to bloom but if you made a mistake, the feeling will get loss. But like a business, you can still start all over again and maybe do it better this time because you already learn your lesson from your past experience. But it doesn’t mean you cannot make a mistake again, but it’s ok you can try it a hundred times, even thousand until you will find you’re the one. Just learn to love again, remember that we are only human, everyone can make a mistake. No one has the right to judge you, except yourself alone.

But going back in track, getting back yourself again from your old self needs time and a lot of effort.

What do you need to do to mend your broken heart?

If your loved one betrays you and you felt heartbroken, as a human you will feel the pain, loss of appetite and you feel like the whole world is in your shoulder, you really feel the weight of it, you feel like your limbs are broken and you can’t move, you can do nothing, you don’t want to do anything, as if your brain is dead because of the strong pain that you felt deep inside your heart and you can feel the shortness from breathing because of too much crying. You felt that no one is there to help you, everybody is abandoning you, it seems that no one cares from what you felt. But it’s ok, it’s part of the process, it’s normal. You can get through it. You just need a comfortable place, your own place to be alone to get through all of this.

After you cried a lot, after all the pain you felt. After going through it, you will surpass it and will be realized that you need to be strong and you need to live, you will start thinking that you still have a family and friends.

If your confusion subsides and gets back your mind from normal, talk to a person that you trust whom you know that will care for you. You need positive feedback and you need to feel that someone is there to support you and willing to become your strength. Good words and positive interaction will help you to feel better.

Find your strength, you need to get going. Life is good and it’s waiting for you. Always think that your family is there waiting for your old self. By being strong, you need to accept the fact that it does not end well for you and your partner.

Then learn to let go, don’t try to do anything to win him/her back or take revenge, just let go and learn to be independent again, anyway when you are single, you are alone and you still alive and doing fine. Maybe by making a list of all bad things about him/her will help you to feel disgusted to him/her and you can convince yourself that he/she is not worth it. If it will help you to go out and release your anger, for example by kicking a ball thinking it’s him or go to a boxing gym and punch the boxing bag that has his/her face attached to it. Sometimes it helps you to feel better. Try to convince yourself more by always reminding yourself that you don’t need anyone. Continue doing it until you realized it’s really gone.

Now, move on. Create a new world for you only, for a moment. Let yourself gain your full strength, you need to get over on it completely. By getting over completely, you need to forget the bad things happened before and you need to forgive the person that causes you pain. You can only tell that you're over from him/her if you don’t feel anything towards him/her anymore, anything, nothing, as in all gone. I know it’s really hard because he/she causes all the hardship you felt but you need to accept the fact that the past is past, and everything about the past should remain as a memory. After you gain yourself completely, don't forget to love again, don't close your heart from falling in love again. Maybe in God’s time, you will find the true love that is really for you and this time it will last long and forever.


Thanks for reading.

How to deal with a Long-Distance Relationship?


Are you in a long-distance relationship or what we called the LDR? Does your partner away from you and you are feeling alone and lonely? LDR is really hard, one says it’s like you don’t have someone taking care of you especially when the time comes that you need a partner beside you to comfort you and give you strength. Other says what is the use of having a partner if he or she is not present in the time that you needed him/her the most, in time that you need someone to hug you and tell you that everything will be ok. It would be better if you don’t have a partner at all. But who really wanted to be in a Long-Distance Relationship? No one, if you have a choice you don’t want to be in this kind of relationship.

 What is the reason why a couple needs to leave each other?

The common reason of LDR is that you both consider your future, right? Your partner didn’t leave you without knowing what’s her/his reason from leaving you. You both wanted to have a comfortable life in the future. The question is Does it really worth it? Maybe, but if its turn out to what you both didn’t expect, it is still worth it? Many relationships failed because they are not present at each other sides, they are longing for each other in a long period of time. “ Kung ang couple nga na magkasama naghihiwalay, what more yung dalawang taong malayo sa isa’t isa”.

Many possibilities and struggles will be going to arise for the lovers who are separated from each other. Your love towards to each other may be gone because of lack of physical contact, loving someone who is always by your side have a possibility to occur, and that’s the reason cheating happens most of the time.

Yes, you called each other, actually not just by calling only, most of the time you talk on cam where you can see each other (video call) because of a new technology talking to each other becomes easy even you are both miles away from each other.

But there is always a but, there is always doubt to the loyalty of each other because you can’t actually see the whole reality, what is behind the curtain in your room, who is behind you while you are talking because you cannot actually see, right? Suspicion, distrust, jealousy, whatever you called it. It’s really happened and you cannot avoid it from happening, it's happening even for the couple who are together. Until such time you both realize leaving each other side didn’t serve the purpose as to what you both planned, and conclude that it’s not worth to be apart. It’s better if stay together even life is not that good at all, at least you still together.

Are you really not meant for each other?

Some say if the relationship turns outs into nothing and lead to a separation, maybe you both not deserve each other and maybe someone is there waiting for you to love you and take care of you more than anyone else. If the relationship failed, the conclusion is that you are not meant for each other. Is it true? Or you just don’t want to accept the fact that you made a mistake, maybe you take the situation for granted and not do your best to stay the faith of your partner in you.

But not all LDR comes to nothing, not all went to a separation, some became successful and still together up to now and still counting. What’s the secret? Just LOVE and TRUST. If you really love your partner you don’t need anyone else, you will understand every moment he/she is not at your side and you will give your faith in him and love him/her 100%, meaning you don’t need to ask, because you already know the answer, you don’t need an explanation because your heart already understand and you don’t need to be at her/his side because you always feel her/his presence by your side.

How Long-Distance Relationship will be last for long?

Just simple focus on your relationship, focus on each other. Set your mind to the benefit of your plan and think that is just for a while and it will end soon. Continue to regular communication, make your conversation lively as if you are in front of each other, always make a surprise every time you’re going to talk to each other, always be honest and be sure to make your partner feel secured to your relationship by means of showing your love and concern to him/her every day.  If the problem and doubt arises, tell your partner about it in a nice way so that you can talk about it as early as possible and make a solution right away. Lastly, have faith in your partner with all your heart and soul as if you entrust your whole life to him/her.



For all the couples that in a Long Distance Relationship, don’t give up. FIGHTING!

A message for Elementary graduates


Tema: Saktong buhay sa dekalidad na edukasyon pinanday.

Graduates, ano ba ang saktong buhay para sa inyo? Sakto na ba para sa inyo ang  lagi na        lng maglaro, mag-gala,magtampisaw sa ilog, tumunganga, tumambay sa bawat kanto, at mag antay na lng kung ano ang darating? Sakto na ba para sa inyo ang buhay na meron kayo ngayon? May mga magsasabi siguro sa inyo na

  • ok na! sakto na! kasi eto lang ang kaya nila nanay at tatay.
  • sakto na, wala namang tutulong na iba sa akin.
  • or pwede na kasi hanggang dito na lang ang kaya ko.

Ngunit umaasa hindi lang ako gayon din ang mga taong nasa harap ninyo na marami sa inyo ang sasagot na HINDI PA!, marami pa akong nais marating, malayo pa ang kaya kong lakbayin at lalagpasan ko pa ang mga taong nasa aking harapan at pagdating ng araw na iyon SAKA KO SASABIHING SAKTONG BUHAY NA ITO PARA SA AKIN.

Huwag ninyong isipin na hindi kaya ng mga magulang nyo na pag aralin kayo, na walang tutulong sa inyo at hanggang dyan lang ang kaya nyo. Narito ang mga taong inyong malalapitan, nandiyan ang mga politiko n handang maglingkod sa inyo. Nandito ang pamunuan ng DepEd na handang ipatupad ang programa ng gobyerno, ang Education for all. Merong scholarship program para sa mga taga subic at isa ako sa libo-libong tao na nabiyayaan ng programang yon. Ngayon heto ako, nakatayo sa inyong harapan, may matatag na pundasyon ng Edukasyon, subalit sasabihin ko, hindi pa ito ang saktong buhay para sa akin, kailangan ko pang mag aral upang makamit ko ang aking mithiin sa buhay at sa takdang panahon , sasabihin kong  HETO NA!,meron na akong saktong buhay dahil sa dekalidad na edukasyong pinanday sa tulong ng aking mga naging guro, pamilya at mga kaibigan.

Sa araw na ito ng inyong pagtatapos,napagtagumpayan nyo na ang pagsubok ng mababang paaralan ng elementarya. You have gained knowledge,skills and talents which you can use as you go forward on your studies. Ilang panahon at sakripisyo na lang at makakamit nyo na ang saktong buhay na pinapangarap nyo. Many people from a poor family became successful in life because of education. Ako at marami pang iba na nagsipagpatuloy ng kanilang pag -aaral ang nagtamasa ngayon ng pagkakataon para magkaroon ng maayos na pamumuhay. At ito ay dahil sa aming pagsisikap na makapagtapos ng aming pag-aaral, dahil sa pagsuporta, paghubog at pagbabahagi ng aming mga guro ng kani lang mga kaalaman. Pinanday nila kami sa maayos at dekalidad na edukasyon.

Marami pang pagbabago ang darating sa buhay ninyo kung yayakapin at ipagpapatuloy nyo    pa ang inyong pag aaral. We are in a world of competition. A competition where Knowledge is POWER. AIM for more knowledge and one day you will be more powerful in the path that you will choose in your life.

After a couple of months, you'll be entering secondary education.  During these times you will be acquiring more wisdom and you will also encounter a new challenge, be strong, always have confidence and I am sure you will finish this with flying colors.

Graduates, to last, I will leave you with this final quote, "you have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the one who'll decide where to go" I hope one of these days, many of you will shine in the path you will take.


Congratulations and good luck on your long journey.

2019 – Proven ways on how to earn money online

earning money
google adsense

Do you want to earn money online?

Who would not have wanted to earn? Everyone is searching for the best answer to this question. But there is no easy way to do it, all comes from hard works and sacrifices.

I am a mother of a two years old girl and I wanted to be there at her side while she is starting to learn about the world. I wanted to be the one who brings her to school and support her while she is studying and I wanted us to go home together. I wanted to enjoy the moment we are together. But how can I do that? I worked eight hours a day in six days a week.

I always check online on how to earn money while at home and I come up with this, posting a blog on my own website. Check this out on how to make your own website.

But before I come up with this decision I already tried the you pay $11.50 dollars for a regular account and $23.00 dollars for the premium account. In a premium account, you can join in a table whereas you need to exit to get $57.00 dollars. Every table number has a different amount of reward every time you exit. The higher the table, the higher the reward. But it works only for those who started early and build a large number of a network. It offers also encoding, you can earn a cent of dollar for every success typing job. And it has also E-loading, E-loading works for me but it is not enough to let go of my job.

You can offer Freelancer Jobs too.

Being freelancer is working by yourself. You can offer your client the services that you can do well, like for example accounting, bookkeeping, writing, and others.

See for the lists of Freelancer Jobs website. It will give you the privilege to work at home or anything that suits your schedule as long you can do the job at the stipulated date which agreed by your client.

I also tried applying for work in Just click the link, sign up, fill out the form and all needed information must input. As if you are doing your resume, you need to take exams that they are provided for you to get the attention of the employer. The higher your score, the higher the chance you may be qualified for the position you are applying for. You can also check and Both provide the same services as

I also applied as an English tutor in, just sign up and submit your resume then they will send you an email and they will be going to call you. I already hired but I need to install DLS internet at home so that I can work effectively, Sadly the area of our house doesn’t have a strong signal for a DSL internet yet. I am still waiting for a call of a PLDT, Converge and Globe personnel. offers the same service as

Now, I am working on my website hoping that someday I will be going to earn enough to leave my job and do the work at home. But working at home doesn’t mean not working at all, you still need to work with determination to achieve success. Like I said there is no such an easy job, it will not work out just in a blink of your eyes, it will take time and hard work for you to be able to get the fruit of your labor.

How can you earn through your website?

You can apply your website in affiliates marketing like,, and many others which offer commission for every successful sale. How does it work? You just need to sign up, provide all the needed information, an email or a call is needed for verification, you need to copy the code and post it in HTML of your website. For every click and successful sales of the product posted on your website, you will be going to earn a commission.

One of the best ways of earning through the website is the CPC or the cost per click which is offered by Google AdSense Just sign up and apply your website by posting the code in the head tag of your website. For you to be able to approve by AdSense, you need to have at least 20 – 30 articles or blogs posted on your website with useful and valuable content for the readers to be able to get back to your website aiming for more post you will publish. You will earn through AdSense by successfully clicking the Ads that are showing in your website. and offer the same platform as AdSense.


Let’s earn together!


Niana and Ranz, Dream Come True

ranz and niana

Do you know the Youtube sensation Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero?

Niana Guerrero was born in the Philippines on January 27, 2006, she is now 13 years old, while Ranz Kyle was born in San Juan City, Philippines on May 06, 1997, He is now 22 years old. They are very popular now because of their dance moves. They have a lot of fans watching all their videos on youtube. They are the new youtube sensation, called as sibling’s duo. I am a fan too, not only because they dance well but because of the harmonious relationship among the family members. Once I watch their videos I said wow, perfect family. I don’t know them personally but I can say that they really deserve to be popular. Their mom and dad are cool too even I heard it is not their first family because Ranz Kyle mom and dad were separated and Niana is a half-sister of Ranz Kyle. But they blend well. They support each other, that is the most important thing about having a family. You are happy to pursue your dreams, you are always had fire in your hearts to achieve it because you know your family is there to support you. Now they are earning millions from their video on youtube.

Click the link to watch the sample video of Niana and Ranz.

Family is important in everyone’s decision

Every member of the family has to decide whether you should push through or not to your dreams. But sometimes family disagree with a thing that is very important to you. Let say in a wealthy family having a very prominent business, you as their child you wanted to be a pianist or athletes, it’s your dream to be, do you think your parents would agree to your plan? Let say they agree, what will happen to the family business then? what if they don’t agree?  You will be going to prove in your parents that you will succeed in your choice whatever it takes, but at the back of your mind, there’s a lot of worries and what if’s. What if you will not succeed and what if you are just wasting your time and your parents are right for not letting you go. Not unlike if they agree, you will work with it wholehearted, with dedication and power that you will achieve the success because you know they are there watching and supporting you and even praying that you will be achieved whatever it is that you wanted. And even if you failed they are still there to cheer you up and let you try it once again.

As their family especially the parents, they love you, you are important to your child that’s why your approval is very important to them. Explain to them why they don’t need to pursue it but if still, they wanted to do it, maybe it’s not bad to let them try it and support them until the time they are the one who will be going to give it up. But if not, let them enjoy, any way you are their parents you want your child to be happy more than anyone else. It is better than to have a prodigal child.  Maybe they will know when the time comes that it’s time for them to support whatever it is you wanted from them.

Stop controlling them, they are your child and not a machine that you can switch on and off. Be humble enough to at least listen to your child, not because your adult it doesn’t mean you are always right. Consider both sides, positive and negative and provide them the best answer you can give as their parents and always consider their feelings once you make your decision.


Hope you enjoy reading.

How to save money – Be wise in 2019

poor family

How to be wise in spending your hard earned money?

Saving money is really difficult to do especially when your salary is just enough for your everyday expenses. But even a person who has the smallest salary in the world can save. Why they can do that and why you can’t?

I just want to share this, there’s a family who is really poor. The father has no permanent job, he is only an on-call worker, sometimes there is a job for him but most of the time there is no work that for fitted him. The mother was a plain housewife, taking care of their three children. One day his eldest child and father had a conversation. The conversation is like this, Son I had here extra money, I saved it for you to buy a new school’s shoes so that you can change your old one. It’s been two years since we bought it. But father look at your shoes too, you can’t even walk with it because it’s really rotten all over. It’s you who need new shoes for you to work comfortably, the son replied. It’s ok son I just need to stick it together and it will be good as new, the father said. But deep inside in the son’s heart, his father is not ok with it and he’s really feel bad because he can’t do anything about it. But even their life is not that good they can survive in their everyday living and they see to it that they taking care of each other every day.

Months later, the father meets his longtime friend in a market, His friend asking to work for him with an amount of salary that he can ever have in his whole life. After he receives his salary he bought his children new shoes and new clothes and a lot of food to eat that they cannot eat before. Every time he receives his salary he buys everything even though he knows they don’t need it. Since then, the sons became aggressive and always ask his father to buy him everything he wants. His wife buys things and food that they don’t need. Expenses had to get bigger and bigger every day until he notices that his salary is not enough at all for all their expenses. His sons learned to spend more, thinking only his own satisfaction. The love and care for his father are gone.

What is the lesson of the story? Even the very huge amount of money can get lost easily if you didn’t control yourself and all members of the family to spend. You can save even you have only a penny if you really wanted to save it. You need self-motivation and control. You can treat yourself and your family, it’s right of course. After so many years of nothing, it’s ok to treat yourself and your family but not too much, not to the extent that you spend more than you earn. And the love and care for the family should come first, providing them everything they want is not the right way, you can give them sometimes but not every time they ask for it especially if it just for the reason of gaining popularity or just to be fitted in what we called “upper class” in the society. To save for future needs and emergencies is what your family need and not those things that can satisfy them for a small period of time. Make it a habit to deduct first your saving before all your expenses. Put it in a bank so that you can’t spend it easily. It’s up to you if wanted to save and be wealthy in the future or you wanted to end up from nothing again.


Thanks for reading.