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Novena to St. Jude

Let’s try this, I got this copy from the church. It is a Novena to St. Jude Must be said six (6) times each day for nine (9) consecutive days, leaving 9 copies in church each day.   PRAYER WILL BE ANSWERED ON OR BEFORE THE 9th DAY Has never known to fail.   NOVENA […]


TRUST, five letters BIG word.

Trust is a very important spice in a relationship. Most of the relationship failed because of not trusting each other. Jealousy that causes too many arguments that will somehow go to separation was due to lacking in trust. It’s just five letters but it’s a big word, it was not wise to take it lightly, […]


God wanted us to have a happy family

Would you like to have a happy family? What will be the responsibility of parents and children in a family? How they will be going to act to have a happy family? All members of the family, from father, mother and children need to contribute to a family, they have different obligations and responsibilities to […]