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Proven ways on how to lose weight in just two weeks

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Do you feel uncomfortable about the size of your body? Do you lose your confidence because of this reason? You always felt you are ugly and always feel embarrassed in front of your crush and you wanted to just cover your face and hide? Don’t worry too much, here’s the best way to be fit and be sexy in just two weeks.

Foods are really tempting. Smells of chocolate and the mouthwatering taste of ice cream are too much for you to handle. Delightful and delicious cookies, burgers, fries, pizza, and pasta are really irresistible. But if you want to lose your belly fats as fast as you wanted it to be you need to have more power to control those temptations.

First, you should learn to control yourself from eating those tasty and delicious foods you like the most especially those which contain a lot of sugars. You need to lessen foods that contain sugar and carbs that you will be going to intake. If you do this, your body starts to use your stored fat instead of burning carbs for energy.

Second, make it a habit to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and foods which contains high-protein, it will help you fight your cravings to eat sugars and carbs. And once you eat, chew the food and eat it slowly so that you will not going to intake too many.

At first, it is really hard to do but if you do this regularly for about three to four times, your body adapts to it and you can continue eating the same every day easily. You will notice that you forget about soft drinks, ice-cream, and carbs. You just need focus and strong will to fulfill what you really want for your body to achieve. If you wanted to have a sexy body, you need just a little sacrifice and always think that it will be benefited you for the rest of your life.

Third, always drink a lot of water not only when the time you feel thirsty. Aside from knowing the fact that water is really healthy in the body, water can help your body not to feel hungry at all times. It’s better if you drink water before you start to eat your meal so that you will feel full and you will eat just a little amount of food.

Lastly, make a schedule to exercise, or do something that can burn the fats in your body. Since I am working in the office and I usually don’t move heavily and just sitting down in the chair the whole time. I do exercise at night after thirty minutes of rest after my meal, I start to work out. I’ll do a simple exercise like jumping and running in place, stretching, and etc. And sometimes I watch Zumba and I copied what the dancer does.

For the fast and effective effect of all the steps, you can drink those drinking substances that can lose weight like fat burning coffee, fat burning juice, fat burning tea but make sure to consult your doctor before drinking one of these products.


Be fit, be sexy and be healthy.


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