8 common questions and answers about Relationship


Are you in a relationship? There’s a lot of questions in your mind, right? There’s a lot of what, when, where and how running in your mind that you really wanted to answer.

Here are the 8 common questions and the answers about having a relationship.

1. What is it that you really like about your partner?

If you love someone you need to accept everything about him, even his shortcomings. Anything about him will make you smile, every little thing he did for you will make you happy. Even it is not pleasing for others it is pleasing for you, you like everything about him.

2. What do you need to do for your partner to love you more and stay together?

Staying together for long is the aim of all person who is in a relationship especially those who really love each other. A relationship is composed of two people who love each other, therefore both parties need help each other to stay them together. Both have responsibilities, both parties need to give. Both need to give love, time and effort. Both need to understand each activity and difficulties, both need to sacrifice, both need to trust each other and both need to have confidence with the love that each other’s provided.


3. Do you need to get jealous if someone looks in your partner or your partner look at others? What is the thing that you need to get jealous with?

No, sometimes we really are amazed in the beauty of others. There’s no need to get jealous for the appreciation of the beauty of what others have. But if the appreciation becomes an attraction and aiming for wanting the beauty for himself, it is the thing that you need to worry about. It is really difficult to see the difference but you can use your instinct to check it and you can verify it on your own. But I want to say that jealousy is not advisable for a relationship, it’s one of the reasons for separation. Being jealous is lacking trust and confidence in your relationship. You should avoid it.

4. What do you need to do if someone is really wanted to steal your partner?

Let it be. It is one of the ways that you can verify the love of your partner in you. If he really loves you he doesn’t need anyone else aside from you. But always show him your love, always show him his importance to you, sometimes they got away because of lack of showing how he is important to you and because you’re not taking it seriously. Tell him you don’t want him by the side of that person. But if he continues to see that person knowing what you felt about it, then you should be bothered.

5. If your partner made a mistake, are you willing to accept him?

It depends on the mistake he did, like what I said if it’s about having someone else aside from you and you think you gave your all for the relationship and still he did it, do you think it is worth it? He might say he still loves you and he just tempted. Does your love from him is as weak like that? Do you need someone else aside from your partner?

I don’t know the reason why a person in a relationship needs another aside from their partner. Do they feel proud or awesome if they have many man/women? I don’t know about their reason but I am not agreeing with it. Everyone in a relationship should stick together if you don’t love him/her anymore then let go. It’s better to separate early because healing one’s heart takes a lot of time. The early it is the more time you give them to heal. I don’t believe in “you still love him but you just feel tempted to try others”, in the first place if you love someone you cannot do anything to make them hurt. All you wanted to do is for them to be happy. That's what LOVE for me.


6. What will be the reason why your partner will leave you?

Separation arises because of lacking in one party or maybe both. Sometimes they said, “it’s not working out with them because maybe they are not meant for each other” but most of the times they just don’t want to accept the fact that they do not take their relationships seriously, they just take it for granted. Or one party really wanted to escape from the relationship that's why he doesn’t want to perform his/her responsibilities anymore. He doesn’t want to give his trust, he doesn’t want to understand you, he has many complaints, he is not confident about your relationship with him anymore. He might say because you don’t have time with him, you don’t love him anymore, he cannot see that you need him anymore. But sometimes it’s not your fault, other parties are just really determined to steal your partner. She is really good at it and you cannot do anything about it. There’s a lot of reason why but the main reason is just there is no LOVE at all. And if there’s no love, it’s better to let go.

7. What if you realized that your partner doesn’t love you any more or vice versa? Is it right to stay in a one-sided love relationship? Or is it right to fight for it? If you fight for your love to your partner, until when do you need to stop?

It is really hard to know that the person you love cannot love you back. Especially knowing the person that loves you before is now loving another. The person who took care of you will now be taking care of other, the person who always with you, hugging you, comfort you, will now be with others, will hug others and will comfort others. It is difficult and hard but you need to accept. Love is an important element of a relationship. If there’s no love, the relationship is impossible to be working out. You can stay in one-sided love, but it is not wise to do so. You can live with it, but you cannot be happy because it is you who always need to give and you don’t even know when you will be going to receive or there’s really a chance to receive? It is like you are gambling your happiness to someone who doesn’t know how to play cards, it has a small chance of winning. If you wanted to hold that small chance, how long can you hold it?

He can still love you back, it is not impossible to happen. Sometimes it depends on your eagerness and determination. It depends on how you taking care of him, how you understand him and how you love him. But if you see that there’s no chance at all, let go. Don’t let yourself become stupid, you don’t deserve someone that doesn’t give you importance in their life. Maybe there’s someone’s waiting for you out there.  It’s nice to be with the person that loves you and taking care of you more.

8. When is the right time for you and your partner to get married?

Getting married is really serious, you cannot take it lightly. Like they said getting married is not like the food you can eat and if it’s hot you can just throw it up.

Sometimes, you just wanted to get married because all your friends are married and you feel out of the cast. Getting married should think many times, even you already decided, think again. Because it’s all about your life, you will bear it for the rest of your life. I cannot tell when is the right time for you to get married but I can give you some advice.

You need to make sure first that your partner wanted to marry you. Is he talking about it with you, he made a plan with you, maybe there is a chance that he wanted to marry you. Wanting by your partner to marry you is really a big deal because he really loves you and wanted to be with him for the rest of his life. If you are not sure about it, don’t agree. If you are not happy knowing that he wanted to marry you, don’t agree.

It will be going to be different once you get married. Think everything that worse about him and make it worse than what you think, if it is still okay with you then go on. Things will be going to be difficult once you get married, you need a lot of adjustments than when you both are just girlfriend/boyfriend. You live together and wake up together every day. You will be going to see how she/he at home every day. There’s will be going to have a lot of limitation. You cannot make a decision on your own. You always need to ask the approval of your partner. If you aware of all of this and you are both stable financially, then maybe you are both ready to get married.


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