A humble heart to a happy life


I was walking in the street when I heard a voice of a child saying to his mom that he needs new shoes and bags for School year 2019-2020, but his mother said: “the salary of your father is not enough to buy you new shoes nor a bag”. She also said “your shoes are still okay as well as your bag, just use it for the meantime until such time we can have money to buy you the new one.

But the child replied “all my classmate has a new thing for school and I am the only one who is going to use this old shoes and bags, I cannot go to school with this. It’s better not to go to school than to be a laughing stock of my classmates.” It is really sad, right? There’s a lot of a family like that who cannot afford to buy their child new things in school. I have been there too and I felt how difficult it is to be in the situation. But even I wanted to have new things in school I cannot force my parents to buy me a new thing in school, I don’t want them to worry too much because I know they have many problems to think about than buying me new things. I learn how to be contented to what my parents can give me, I learn to have a humble heart. And it goes well with me, I feel full even I ate only small servings, I feel very happy when I have a present even it is not expensive, I feel overwhelmed for everything good that happens in my life. Even now I am very thankful for what God has given me even life is not that good sometimes. When you have a humble heart, you will always feel contented in everything and it will make you happy.

I wanted to share this from Pastor Ock Soo Park. When the person lives humbling his heart, joyful and thankful life is possible. For example, suppose I am a person who is rated about one hundred, but I think of myself to be two hundred or three hundred. Then I will always think that other people are slighting me or despising me. Then, I will always be dissatisfied with the actions of other people who are dealing with me. On the other hand, If I am a person who is rated at one hundred, but I think of myself to be only thirty or forty, then I will always feel thankful and overwhelmed for the actions of the people around me who are treating me so well.

 Once you humble your heart, just as the water flows from a higher place to a lower place, the hearts of the people around you start to flow into you, causing you to always have thoughts of thankfulness. On the other hand, if you become high-hearted, you feel frustrated and full of complaints because of how you judge yourself. Ultimately, the people around you begin to dislike you for being that way. With just the people around you, it may be okay with them because they do not see you every day. However, if you are that way living with your family, the things will get worse. If a husband’s heart is high, then the wife has to live in misery. If the wife is high-hearted, then the husband has to live in misery and the children end up living miserably as well. If you become high-hearted, it makes all of the people around you become uncomfortable.

 A high-hearted person always feels unsatisfied, as if there is always not enough, there is always emptiness in his/her heart that must need to be full. Even a very wealthy man who is a high-hearted will not be going to be happy because he always is needing something, he always has complaints in his life because he doesn’t know how to be contented. He is always wanted to be the best, he is always wanted to have the best. Good communication and harmonious relationship are impossible for him so he’s not going to have a happy family life. Therefore, it’s better to have a humble heart for you and for all the people around you to live comfortably and happily.


Thanks for reading.