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Hi guys, we have another special page just for you. Cupid is online, we know love is in the air always, we wanted to accommodate you and give you some advice about your love queries, problems, your doubts about your lover, your worries and all matters related to your hearts. We wanted you to feel comfortable and feel relieved, we wanted to help you to build your trust again to your partner, and if possible we wanted you to get back in each other arms and let love continues to bloom again. Of course, it’s on the process, step by step, one by one.

We all know that we had different love stories, from a childhood friend to lovers, from co-workers to lovers, from enemy to lovers, from strangers to lovers, all have different stories on how it is started and how it’s will end.

Relationships take a different path, sometimes it comes in your way, you can feel all the happiness as if your hearts will be going to explode from joy but sometimes it’s will make you cry a lot as if it’s the end of the world for you. We cannot stop it from happening, we cannot predict what will be going to happen, even in your love stories there is always a villain. You cannot stop them from coming. The problem arises all the time, even in the time that you think you can relax, hindrances may pop up and get into your way which creates a struggle to your relationship.

We just wanted to hear your love stories and let see how we will going to give you a piece of advice or provide you a solution for you to coup up in your struggle.


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