God wanted us to have a happy family


Would you like to have a happy family?

What will be the responsibility of parents and children in a family? How they will be going to act to have a happy family? All members of the family, from father, mother and children need to contribute to a family, they have different obligations and responsibilities to do to be able to have a happy family.

God wanted us to have a happy family, he has given us a way to have a happy family through his words written in the bible. All we need to do is to read and learn it by heart so that we can apply it according to what God wanted us to do. Establishing a family was came first from the bible when God created Adam and Eve. They have made by God as husband and wife and told them to have children and make the earth their home. Even all family is now experiencing difficulties and problems, we can still have a happy family. But how?

How does a child act toward his parents?

According to the Bible, we can have a happy family by doing the same way how God’s love us. We witness the love of Jesus when he was sent by God to earth, we saw how he adore, respect and follow the orders of his father. We all knew that he did everything for his love and to honor by his father. If all child will be like him, maybe the world turns differently.

What are the responsibilities of the husband to his wife?

There is also written in the bible that the husband should treat his wife as what Jesus treated his disciples, "love your wife as you love yourself". The husband should love his wife like his love to his own flesh because no one is furious to his own flesh instead he adores and take care of it like the way how God love and taking care of all his people. It is also said in the bible that the husband should always give consideration to his wife like how God wanted all his disciples to rest if they saw him that they are tired. God said, "love your wife and don’t feel too much despair to her". A man should learn to accept the mistakes made by his wife and continue to love her like how God forgives those who asked forgiveness from him.

What are the responsibilities of the wife to his husband?

Family is an organization, we need a leader or the head to manage the organization. The husband is the head of the family should respect by the wife and never to do anything against it. The wife should always follow his husband’s will. Sometimes the husband made a mistake in his decisions as to the head of the family, the wife should be taking it consideration and still give his husband her support, love, and respect. The wife should not let the husband feel too small by emphasizing his mistakes and feel that as his wife, you wanted to get the position of being the head of the family. The wife should always stay below of his husband. But it is still better if both parties talk for a certain decision that will affect the whole family. The wife can also give a better opinion than his husband but it should be done in the right way wherein the position of the husband as a head will not be affected.

 What are the responsibilities of a parent to their child?

God’s let the children come to him and sits on his lap, he gave his time to them and he teaches them. Like God wanted all the parents to give their child some time to be with them. God wanted all the parents to stay by the side of their child not just a minute or an hour but instead a lot of your time to teach them and protect them from the people who will going to hurt them like God did to save all his disciples when time that he was arrested, He made a way for them to escape. As parents, your presence is necessary for them to learn how to survive in this world. You need to nurture and teach them, teach them to stand up again from their mistakes, and you need to discipline them in a right way for them to be able to be a good person that you wanted them to be.

If we all follow all things that the bible says if we did all the duties of responsibilities as a child, husband, wife and as a parent, do you think we all have a happy family now? I think so because people will only know about respect, how to forgive, how to love and how to take care of each other. No one is greedy because everyone is sharing, no one is alone because no one is neglected, no one is unwanted, no arguments, no fighting, no bad people because all person is well disciplined and maybe no war. All of us live peacefully and harmoniously on earth. And all we can say is wow! what a nice place to live in.

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