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How to Achieve Success in Life?


Do you want to be successful in life?

Yes, indeed! Everyone is aiming for a successful life.

I am not saying I am successful now, I just want to share you the story of my life to inspire you and give you hope that you can succeed and fulfill your dreams in due time with your hard work, determination, and prayers.

I live in a rural area in some part of Zambales, it’s a place where as you need to travel in the sea using a boat for about forty-five minutes to one hour for you to reach the public market. Most of the people that lived there is a fisherman, they catch fishes and sell it to the market for them to sustain their everyday expenses. My father is one of them, he leaves our house at night using the boat and stays in the middle of the ocean for about two to three days. Sometimes they catch a lot of fishes but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes typhoon occurred when they are still in the ocean. There are times our boat sink in the middle of the sea because of the typhoon, good thing my father got back to us alive. They asked other boats to help them to get back to the land. I can say it’s really hard living in there, we always have worries every time that my father leaves the house to catch fishes. Maybe it’s the reason why I decided to focus on my studies. I need to finish my study for us to be able to have a comfortable life we ever wanted. There is no high school in there, so for us to continue our study we need to leave our place. I studied high school in Matain, Subic Zambales. You need to ride on a boat to get there, my parents asked my aunt to let me stay in their house while I’m studying. It’s really hard to live in a house that’s not yours. You need a lot of adjustments for them to let you stay. It’s not really easy but you can survive. I finished high school with flying colors and so my college degree. I took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Now, I am an Accountant in a private company in Subic. After 10 years I have now my own house, it’s not that big but it is comfortable to live in. It takes me a lot of hard work and needs a lot of saving. I need to sacrifice all things and food that I wanted and forget my dream to travel for me to be able to save, especially the time when I just started working, my salary was not yet that much.  But still, I make sure that I less my savings first before all my expenses. And of course, it’s all happened with the help of my parents and siblings. I am really grateful to have them by my side.

You just need to set your goals in life, what is it that you wanted to be in the future? If you have your goals, just focus on it, ready your life for hard works and sacrifices, have determination, make it as a challenge. If you fail just don’t easily give up. Find another alternative, maybe it’s not just the right time for you. Have patience, it will not come so easily. And always pray, Gods know what will be the best for you.

Even though I am not yet in the peak of success now, I don’t have a big house, I don’t have a big savings, I don’t have a company of my own either but at least I have my own house and I have my work and a little savings to sustain our day to day expenses and I am living happily with my daughter and husband. My parents and my siblings are still there supporting and helping me to survive in life and vice versa. Problems and difficulties are still coming but at least we are all together with our journey in life.

Being successful is having a contented and happy life.


Thanks for reading.


Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away. David Khalil 

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