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How to mend a broken heart?

broken heart

Loving someone is feeling awesome indeed.

It is really nice to be in love, knowing someone is there for you to protect you, to fill all the emptiness in your heart, to support you and hug you in times of trouble and lift you up if you feeling down, it really feels good, right? You have someone with you if wanted to dine outside if you wanted to watch a movie, if you want to go out of town, someone is there for you, to take care of you. It’s awesome, indeed. But being in love makes you vulnerable because you become dependent on the people you love, you will be going to get hurt easily if he betrays you. Love is like a business, it’s full of risk. Once you invest a feeling for someone, you also take that risk. Your business may grow and make a lot of profit but you can also be lost in one wrong move and decided to close down your business.  As well as, if you love someone, it may grow and continue to bloom but if you made a mistake, the feeling will get loss. But like a business, you can still start all over again and maybe do it better this time because you already learn your lesson from your past experience. But it doesn’t mean you cannot make a mistake again, but it’s ok you can try it a hundred times, even thousand until you will find you’re the one. Just learn to love again, remember that we are only human, everyone can make a mistake. No one has the right to judge you, except yourself alone.

But going back in track, getting back yourself again from your old self needs time and a lot of effort.{QUERY}

What do you need to do to mend your broken heart?

If your loved one betrays you and you felt heartbroken, as a human you will feel the pain, loss of appetite and you feel like the whole world is in your shoulder, you really feel the weight of it, you feel like your limbs are broken and you can’t move, you can do nothing, you don’t want to do anything, as if your brain is dead because of the strong pain that you felt deep inside your heart and you can feel the shortness from breathing because of too much crying. You felt that no one is there to help you, everybody is abandoning you, it seems that no one cares from what you felt. But it’s ok, it’s part of the process, it’s normal. You can get through it. You just need a comfortable place, your own place to be alone to get through all of this.

After you cried a lot, after all the pain you felt. After going through it, you will surpass it and will be realized that you need to be strong and you need to live, you will start thinking that you still have a family and friends.

If your confusion subsides and gets back your mind from normal, talk to a person that you trust whom you know that will care for you. You need positive feedback and you need to feel that someone is there to support you and willing to become your strength. Good words and positive interaction will help you to feel better.

Find your strength, you need to get going. Life is good and it’s waiting for you. Always think that your family is there waiting for your old self. By being strong, you need to accept the fact that it does not end well for you and your partner.

Then learn to let go, don’t try to do anything to win him/her back or take revenge, just let go and learn to be independent again, anyway when you are single, you are alone and you still alive and doing fine. Maybe by making a list of all bad things about him/her will help you to feel disgusted to him/her and you can convince yourself that he/she is not worth it. If it will help you to go out and release your anger, for example by kicking a ball thinking it’s him or go to a boxing gym and punch the boxing bag that has his/her face attached to it. Sometimes it helps you to feel better. Try to convince yourself more by always reminding yourself that you don’t need anyone. Continue doing it until you realized it’s really gone.

Now, move on. Create a new world for you only, for a moment. Let yourself gain your full strength, you need to get over on it completely. By getting over completely, you need to forget the bad things happened before and you need to forgive the person that causes you pain. You can only tell that you're over from him/her if you don’t feel anything towards him/her anymore, anything, nothing, as in all gone. I know it’s really hard because he/she causes all the hardship you felt but you need to accept the fact that the past is past, and everything about the past should remain as a memory. After you gain yourself completely, don't forget to love again, don't close your heart from falling in love again. Maybe in God’s time, you will find the true love that is really for you and this time it will last long and forever.


Thanks for reading.


Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away. David Khalil 

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