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How to save money – Be wise in 2019

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How to be wise in spending your hard earned money?

Saving money is really difficult to do especially when your salary is just enough for your everyday expenses. But even a person who has the smallest salary in the world can save. Why they can do that and why you can’t?

I just want to share this, there’s a family who is really poor. The father has no permanent job, he is only an on-call worker, sometimes there is a job for him but most of the time there is no work that for fitted him. The mother was a plain housewife, taking care of their three children. One day his eldest child and father had a conversation. The conversation is like this, Son I had here extra money, I saved it for you to buy a new school’s shoes so that you can change your old one. It’s been two years since we bought it. But father look at your shoes too, you can’t even walk with it because it’s really rotten all over. It’s you who need new shoes for you to work comfortably, the son replied. It’s ok son I just need to stick it together and it will be good as new, the father said. But deep inside in the son’s heart, his father is not ok with it and he’s really feel bad because he can’t do anything about it. But even their life is not that good they can survive in their everyday living and they see to it that they taking care of each other every day.

Months later, the father meets his longtime friend in a market, His friend asking to work for him with an amount of salary that he can ever have in his whole life. After he receives his salary he bought his children new shoes and new clothes and a lot of food to eat that they cannot eat before. Every time he receives his salary he buys everything even though he knows they don’t need it. Since then, the sons became aggressive and always ask his father to buy him everything he wants. His wife buys things and food that they don’t need. Expenses had to get bigger and bigger every day until he notices that his salary is not enough at all for all their expenses. His sons learned to spend more, thinking only his own satisfaction. The love and care for his father are gone.

What is the lesson of the story? Even the very huge amount of money can get lost easily if you didn’t control yourself and all members of the family to spend. You can save even you have only a penny if you really wanted to save it. You need self-motivation and control. You can treat yourself and your family, it’s right of course. After so many years of nothing, it’s ok to treat yourself and your family but not too much, not to the extent that you spend more than you earn. And the love and care for the family should come first, providing them everything they want is not the right way, you can give them sometimes but not every time they ask for it especially if it just for the reason of gaining popularity or just to be fitted in what we called “upper class” in the society. To save for future needs and emergencies is what your family need and not those things that can satisfy them for a small period of time. Make it a habit to deduct first your saving before all your expenses. Put it in a bank so that you can’t spend it easily. It’s up to you if wanted to save and be wealthy in the future or you wanted to end up from nothing again.


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Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away. David Khalil 

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