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How to Shop Online Successfully?

Do you want to shop online but you are afraid to do so?

Before I am really afraid to shop online, I am afraid that it will not worth the price because I cannot see the actual item that I like to buy, maybe it is not same as the picture. Now, most of the things I have and even our house displays and small furniture we had was from online shopping. Even the gifts for a special occasion that I gave to my parents and siblings, dress, bags and toys for my daughter are from online too. It is convenient for me because it’s easy, it's one click away and most of the time it’s a lot cheaper than mall price. I tried shopping online ones, there is the thing that I really wanted for my daughter, it’s a dress that I cannot see in the mall. I use cash on delivery (COD) as payment, thinking that if the item will not be delivered at least I still didn’t pay for it. After two or three days, it delivered successfully and when I open it feeling so excited, it is really the same item I saw in the image and I read in the description and its exceed my expectation. Then I shop again and again. Now I can shop online without fear. Here are the important things to be considered:

Once you have this thing that you wanted to buy online, add it to cart but don’t buy it yet. Check its description, most of the time, the image really can be deceiving. And most importantly check and read all comments and products reviews, at least three to five comments, if it doesn’t have any comments don’t buy it. Try another seller who had the same item with comments even its price is a little higher than the previous one. From the comments, you can read the good and bad about the item, from there you decide whether to buy the thing or not. There is another site which you can shop online that offer the same item at a discounted amount with the same quality. Always check when will be the sale and don’t forget to click the voucher for you to have a discount. Upon check out, they offer COD and other payments like a credit card, wire transfer, etc. It is wise to use Cash on delivery but it is ok also to use credit card base on my experience, especially if I don’t have the cash. Don’t forget to check all the details you entered about yourself especially your cellphone number and the address. It is where the item will be delivered. The courier will inform you upon the delivery of your order.

Shopping online is like buying the item personally with less effort and time-saving. Always check everything about the product, it is better to read everything about it. It is not bad to be cautious, after all, it’s your hard earn money.


Happy shopping!


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