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Life is secured at Sun Life Insurance


I am not an employee of Sun Life nor an advisor. I am just a person who actually saw the security assurance offering by Sun Life, not only the life insurance but also an investment.

I have a friend; both of her parents were dead. That time she said “I will not be going to let my children suffer if I am gone. I don’t want them to feel what I have felt the moment that my parents pass away”. Losing someone you love is really hard, the fact they are gone is too painful, what more they are gone if you don’t have anything, especially money that you need to settle everything. They went to different people and government agencies to asked help, and it’s too hard to ask help to others, it’s too hard especially if you decline by others.  Leaving the world is not that easy and it’s too costly, the embalming process, the coffin and the cemetery that your body will be going to lie forever. If you really love your family settles everything for the future, like they said “Life is too short” so you need to plan as long as you are still breathing.

Insurance is not only beneficial once you’re dead, but it is also more useful when you are alive. When you get old, where would you like to be? In a situation that your children are passing you to each other because no one is wanted to take care of you any more or in the situation, they are all wanted to take care of you? It’s better to know that they wanted to take care of you than to be rejected by your loved one, right? How to be in this situation? Make your future and old days be secured and worry-free, get insurance as early as you can.

Why Sun Life Insurance?

It’s not really on my mind that time, but I have this friend that is a very eager and good advisor who really wanted me to see and enjoy the benefits offered by Sun Life Insurance.

Year 2016 when I decided to get my first Sun Life Insurance, from the day forward I always feel secure that if something happens to me or if I get old I don’t have to worry too much because I have a security assurance and I shared it to my family especially to my daughter who is only two years old at the moment. I will not be going to let her carry my burden if I get too old, I will not let her suffer that much.

The plan I choose is not only for life insurance but also it will earn as an investment. Apply your account online for you to track down your investment plan transaction. Just click the link and follow the instruction, fill out all the needed information.

Sun Life is the No. 1 Insurance in the world and It was one of the old Insurance Company. And it’s doing great in business for the past years that’s why I choose Sun Life Insurance.

Start early while you can, start while you are still young and strong to work for you to pay the plan you are going to choose. It is not only for your benefits but for your family as well, do it for the love of your family. It’s just for ten (10) years or you can choose five (5) years whatever that suits you best. You cannot notice that ten years has been pass and you feel secure for the rest of your life and even you don’t have a life at all.


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