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Niana and Ranz, Dream Come True

ranz and niana

Do you know the Youtube sensation Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero?

Niana Guerrero was born in the Philippines on January 27, 2006, she is now 13 years old, while Ranz Kyle was born in San Juan City, Philippines on May 06, 1997, He is now 22 years old. They are very popular now because of their dance moves. They have a lot of fans watching all their videos on youtube. They are the new youtube sensation, called as sibling’s duo. I am a fan too, not only because they dance well but because of the harmonious relationship among the family members. Once I watch their videos I said wow, perfect family. I don’t know them personally but I can say that they really deserve to be popular. Their mom and dad are cool too even I heard it is not their first family because Ranz Kyle mom and dad were separated and Niana is a half-sister of Ranz Kyle. But they blend well. They support each other, that is the most important thing about having a family. You are happy to pursue your dreams, you are always had fire in your hearts to achieve it because you know your family is there to support you. Now they are earning millions from their video on youtube.

Click the link to watch the sample video of Niana and Ranz.

Family is important in everyone’s decision

Every member of the family has to decide whether you should push through or not to your dreams. But sometimes family disagree with a thing that is very important to you. Let say in a wealthy family having a very prominent business, you as their child you wanted to be a pianist or athletes, it’s your dream to be, do you think your parents would agree to your plan? Let say they agree, what will happen to the family business then? what if they don’t agree?  You will be going to prove in your parents that you will succeed in your choice whatever it takes, but at the back of your mind, there’s a lot of worries and what if’s. What if you will not succeed and what if you are just wasting your time and your parents are right for not letting you go. Not unlike if they agree, you will work with it wholehearted, with dedication and power that you will achieve the success because you know they are there watching and supporting you and even praying that you will be achieved whatever it is that you wanted. And even if you failed they are still there to cheer you up and let you try it once again.

As their family especially the parents, they love you, you are important to your child that’s why your approval is very important to them. Explain to them why they don’t need to pursue it but if still, they wanted to do it, maybe it’s not bad to let them try it and support them until the time they are the one who will be going to give it up. But if not, let them enjoy, any way you are their parents you want your child to be happy more than anyone else. It is better than to have a prodigal child.  Maybe they will know when the time comes that it’s time for them to support whatever it is you wanted from them.

Stop controlling them, they are your child and not a machine that you can switch on and off. Be humble enough to at least listen to your child, not because your adult it doesn’t mean you are always right. Consider both sides, positive and negative and provide them the best answer you can give as their parents and always consider their feelings once you make your decision.


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