The truth behind Reincarnation


Do you believe in Reincarnation?

It is really true that if one person dies he/she will live again? Someone says that if a man dies, he/she come to life as an animal form or a human in a different time, different place and different people to live with. There is a Korean series that I watched before, you can see there that after a person dies, someone will be going to fetch or capture their soul, and they are going to drink this kind of thing that will let them forget what kind of life they had before, they forgot everything even their families and loved ones. And after that, they are going to enter a very long stairway which we do not know where to end. And base on the story they live again in a different time and place with different people around, of course, they don’t know anything about who they are before.

I just wanted to share this. The story says that Reincarnation has four phases.

  1. Life to plant
  2. Life to cultivate what you have planted
  3. Life to harvest
  4. Life to use what you harvested

If I am correct, does it mean that all people will be going to experience the life of being very poor, not so poor, rich and very rich? Let’s think about it, if you are planting, you are very poor cause you are suffering from working hard. If you are cultivating what you have planted meaning you still need to work but not too much because you have this important thing you need but you just need to cultivate it and make it grow, if you are harvesting, your life is much easier because your work has now a positive outcome, and upon using what you harvested, your definitely in a wonderful life that you don’t need to work at all. But it’s not stated there which life will you fulfilling the very moment you are alive. I mean if it’s true it is fair enough because having knowledge of it will let you know that once in your life you live as a wealthy man. Every person will be happy knowing about this thing, that someday they will be going to have everything that they wanted to have in life, everything that will they dream of will come true.  I really hope it is true.

But some says if you die, you already gone (Hindi ka na umiiral). You have no souls or spirits, like for example a candle with light, once you turn off its light, it’s not going anywhere, it’s all gone, gone as in gone. Because once it will be lighted again, it’s not the same light as before. Do you believe this?

Even it is true or not, the most important thing is we live at the moment, we can still show our love to our family and still, there are chances for us to achieve whatever we wanted to have in life. Don’t waste the chance that God given to us, so use your life well.

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