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Success brings Happiness or Happiness brings Success?


LIFE, it can be mine, it can be yours, it might be a happy ending or it would be not.

Then what is the meaning of life?

There was a girl living in a suburban area in a faraway island of the Phils. She’s a simple girl with a simple life. She wants to spend her life inside the four corners of her room. She was very timid and very quiet, she just wanted to own her own thoughts, she can’t express herself easily to others.

She was not that talented, she was just only the third place when she graduated to elementary school. Yes. School. Preschool, elementary, high school, college, who says we need to go to school for about 1/3 of our life? Does it help us to be successful in the future? Who says it is and who says it's not?

There was a girl I saw in the middle of the night under the moon. She was reading a book behind the post of the street light. And I thought how can she handle to stand in there by just reading the books? It is worth it? If I am her, can I stand in her place, can I do what she did?

And there was a young boy who’s working as an errand boy in a church. He’s a scholar of a priest, He’s working hard to get the scholarship. He is cleaning the church, cleaning all the chair and religious statues. He’s also cleaning the Comfort room. But behind the history of a boy without knowing, his parents own 30 hectares of land somewhere out there. He just wanted to prove that even without his parent’s help he can succeed.

What has happened to a young boy? Would you imagine?

After he graduated high school, he transferred to the cathedral. Wow, cathedral. What an amazing place to live in. But for him, it means a lot, a lot of work to do than before.  It has a big area to clean than a church, it has many statues to take care of, it has many priest and nuns to serve than in a church. But he had determination, he had his so-called goals, he doesn’t want to give up so easily.

Years later, he graduated to college (engineering course). He’s happy, he’s proud to himself of course, after so many years he proved to himself that he can do it, he can do it alone. That’s nice, that’s good, let us all congratulate him. Congratulation, you’re the man! Is he now successful? Is he now fulfilled?

This man believed, a person can do everything on his own, if you really want to be successful you can achieve it, you don’t need anyone. He doesn’t like a person saying I cannot pursue my education because we are poor, because we don’t have that, blah blah blah. For him it’s just an excuse, you're just being lazy, that’s why you cannot do it. You just don’t want to do the hard work.

Working hard, strive harder, living in miserable, is that a life we wanted to have? After so much hard work, so much pain, too much heavy loads that we carry, is it really a sure path to success? Does it have a sure path to a happy and contented life?

Then why life is so unfair? I saw this boy living in a wealthy life, hanging and playing around with his friends at school hours, not paying attention in the class discussion. He was the pain in the ass as I could remember, He is bullying someone below his so-called “class”- rich. He did not do his assignment nor projects, He was not even looking in his books, even ounce. Who could think that he will become the president of a big company someday? Why the girl I saw earlier need to study hard under the street light and why the young boy needs to be an errand boy just to have a scholarship while there is someone who can be a president of a big company without even looking his books? Why life is so unfair?

They said God created everything, he gave life to all living things on earth. He gave life to the trees, to the plants, to the animals, and to us, humans. Does it mean God is being unfair? He created rich and created poor. Does he like poor to suffer that much?

The errand boy who graduated with his engineering course took up the licensure exam and he successfully passes it. He got a job, he went abroad and he goes back. He made his own family. He became the president of his own construction company at his 50’s. But his business was not that stable, he still needs to focus on it to ensure its success. He still works night and day, and how old he would stop? Do you think he will go to enjoy the fruit of his labor? in what age? until such time he cannot eat tasty food because of his health? until such time he cannot go on a vacation because of being too old?

Life is not having everything you want, nor having everything you need, it’s not about being a success, it’s about being happy every second of it.

The girl who studies under the moon became a doctor. She wanted to help others like her that is so poor who cannot afford to go to a hospital nor can buy medicines.

Her father died and so her mother, they don’t even have food to eat. She struggles so much to finish her studies. She is now a doctor, but is she happy? Maybe, maybe not. Her goal is to finish her study and be successful for her parents, for them to enjoy and feel the life of having everything they want. But it’s not instant, its need time and hard work, maybe their time is too short for them to see her success.

Achieving success is not bad, enjoying life is not that bad either. Achieving success while enjoying your life is much better.

Let's enjoy LIFE!



"Your abundance is not measured by what you have, it is created by what you share."Heidi Catherine Culbertson, Wisdom and Recipes

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