The biggest mistake I made on my AdSense account

Blogging Mistakes

Just recently my account on AdSense just disabled. It will not be going to show ads for 30 days. I really feel frustrated about it; all my hard work and effort are now gone to nothing for 30 days. Even it’s just 30 days, it really matters to me. How did it happen? Every day I always search on google on how to drive traffic on my website. I already knew that I need quality content, I need to share my posts on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Linked, Instagram, Twitter, and others but still I’m looking for something that will be going to help me to drive the traffic on my website.

My website is five (5) months old. I got approval from AdSense last April 2019 when my website is just about three (3) months old. Actually, it’s not earning that much up to this moment but still, it matters to me. I always get time to write an article so that I can publish a post regularly, I’ve done it after my work when I arrive at home. Doing this, sometimes I cannot have time to play with my daughter, that’s why it’s important to me. And I am very thankful and feel overwhelmed every time I will be reading all your comments. Thanks a lot, guys!

Having a website was not that easy, especially for a person like me who actually don’t know anything about it. But since I’ve done this, I decided to work with it. Every day I always searching how to make a website to be good looking, what themes do I need to use? what do I need to do to make it fast and mobile friendly? What plugin do I need for this, that, etc. Most of the time provide me a good answer to what I’ve been looking for.

I always wanted to learn new things about the website and I immediately apply and test it to my website. Last June 12, 2019, I found a traffic creator site which can drive traffic to a website for $9.95/month and it says there that if still I am not convinced I can have a 30 days trial period. Without thinking negatively, I tried it on my website. I immediately enter my website URL without knowing it will going to endanger my site and I add their given URL to my post. They telling right actually, they drive traffic on my website base on my google analytics report. For 30 minutes I got 2,500 visitors, it’s really fantastic, right? Until I notice that I cannot access my website anymore. When I checked my cPanel, it says there that I used all the memory I had and upon checking my mail, they posted a lot of news article on my website, the visitors are viewing that news and not what I have posted. It means the traffic is useless. I panicked cause my Jetpack also emailed me that my website is down and I cannot access it at that moment. I messaged my cousin, he is the one who injected SSL in my website. He’s good about this matter, this is his website, you can contact him if you need his service. I message him that my website has a problem and maybe I got hacked and explained what happened. He was busy that time, so he said he will assist me later. I was really in panicked but I thought of something, since the trial is for 30 days I changed my date setting, one month after the trial period but before that, I deleted my URL from their site. The internet stopped because the date is advanced because of the change I made and when I set again the date correctly, I immediately check my analytic report, the traffic slows down. I don’t know if it really works but I think it does. And then I immediately can access my account. I deleted the injected URL from their site that I add on my post as fast as I can. Then I deleted that news that posted on my website automatically, I don’t know how they did it but you heard me right, they actually posted on my website. I just sent their post into the trash, not deleted it permanently and it still showing report on my analytic but not that too many as thousand. The next day I checked my mail, AdSense surprised me from their message saying my account is disabled due to clicking my own ads and they said it’s unappealable. When I check my AdSense account, it says that I have unknown traffic, I need to check where the problem came from and need to solve it. I checked again my website and checked that the news post is still there in the trash, so I decided to permanently delete it and observed my analytic report. And there you have it, problem solve. But my AdSense account is still disabled, too bad.

Lesson learned

Don’t immediately apply anything you discovered from the internet to your website. Search more about it, understand more about it. There is no free traffic that can really help you, and I already searched that free or paid traffic is not that good for your website.  Organic traffic is still the best so better work on your SEO. Now, I decided to go back to the basic and golden rule, focus on publishing quality content. I now also tried as one of an alternative way of earning money through my website, I also tried I want to check how they worked differently from AdSense since my account is still disabled, they said it’s a better alternative.

Beware always.


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