TRUST, five letters BIG word.

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Trust is a very important spice in a relationship. Most of the relationship failed because of not trusting each other. Jealousy that causes too many arguments that will somehow go to separation was due to lacking in trust. It’s just five letters but it’s a big word, it was not wise to take it lightly, both should focus on it so that you will be having a long and strong relationship.

I just wanted to share what I have read from a book of Ock Soo Park entitled “Who are you, who is dragging me?” There was a pretty lady that came from a nice and well-educated family. She had sisters who are now separated from their husband which are also came from a good and well-educated family. She is in the right age to marry but she doesn’t want to be ended like what happened to her sisters.  One day she saw a crippled man who is always looking at her every day. Then she thinks “what if I married that man, for sure he will be happy and if my husband is happy I will be happy too. So, what if he is crippled, so what if we are poor, the important thing is we are both happy. Happiness is what we need to continue living together as a married couple.” She talks to her parents and she said she wanted to get married, of course, her parents were excited at first but when she told he wanted to marry the crippled man in the village, her parents disagree and then she explains why but her parents still disagree.  But she was firm with her decision and she was at the right age, she doesn’t need the approval of her parents anyway. She went to the house of the crippled man and talk to his parents and told them her decision, they asked the lady why their son, “he is crippled and we are poor” the mother said. “Happiness is all we need, as long as we are happy, we don’t anything” the lady answered. They also oppose the decision of the lady but no one can break the strong and firm decision of the lady. They get married but no one from her family attends the wedding. After the wedding, they live in his husband’s family. They treated her nicely even her husband treated her like a princess. They are all happy, her mother in law, her father in law and her husband are happy too. It’s good enough for her.

One day her mother in law told her to go to the market to buy some fresh vegetables and for her not to be bored at home. She went to the market and bought all the vegetables that her mother in law need for her cooking. She was excited going back home, upon reaching the door her husband drags her to the room and asked her where did she go, she told the truth that his mother wanted her to buy vegetables in the market but he didn’t believe her and he hit her. He thought that her wife is seeing someone outside. Someone that is better than him, someone who is not crippled. He continuously thinking that way. He said sorry the next day to her wife, and being a good wife she accepted it. She thought that it will not be happening again but it did happen, after she went outside to visit her parents, her husband again drags her and hit her many times, not believing of what she is saying. That time she realized, “why he is being like this? He is angry at me now, he was not happy with me anymore. And if he continues hitting me like this I will not be going to be happy with him too. So, we are not happy with each other, what is the use of being together?” She then decided to talk to her parents in law and leave her husband.

Happiness is really mattered the most. Like we said, LIFE is too short, we should live it to the fullest. I think the story is not just about trusting her wife but also, he didn’t trust God from answering him what he is praying for. The crippled man always looking to the lady before, meaning he wanted her to be with him, even he knew it impossible but God answered his prayer, the lady decided to marry him, she chose him but he didn’t trust her. God answered his prayer but he didn’t trust him too. He just wanted to believe to himself that he is not worth to love, he didn’t have confidence, that’s why he lost the important person that will be going to share his happiness in life. Trust is very important in everyone’s relationship, don’t ask too much, don’t argue a lot, just trust what she said. You will not be together for no reason, just trust God for giving her to you. Leave it all to him, don’t question him. He knew what he did, he will not be giving her to you for your destruction. It is not God who made a mistake, always a man did it for thinking the worst in the situation that happened to them and made a wrong decision. God doesn’t want people to be unloved and unwanted, he just wanted us all to be happy.

Thanks for reading.

God wanted us to have a happy family


Life is filled with treasures if you're a lucky one.
Be grateful and be humble, and share them with someone.
Julie Hebert, Thankful For Many Things

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