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What does the Bible say about God’s will?


What is right and what is wrong?

Who can say I am right and who can say you are wrong? Doing good things especially to help others give you happiness. It will have filled your hearts with excitement, love, and joy. You always feel refresh every day like you feel you just leave your shower room even you are just waking up. Doing bad things or mistakes always gives you a guilt feeling. You will always feel emptiness.

Where God wants us to be? Why there is war around us? Why there are bad people who can easily kill others and why there’s a lot of disasters happened to our world like earthquake and typhoons, which destroy a lot of buildings and killed a lot of people and other living things? He is powerful, right? Why can’t he let us be in a beautiful garden again like before where there is no war, no pain, no difficulties, no disaster, only happiness.

When something happened, anything good or bad, we sometimes say it is God’s will. I just wanted to share what I have read. From the book of JW (Ano ba talaga and tinuturo ng Bibliya?- Tagalog version) – What the Bible really want us to learn? “It says there that God’s will is not the right term, we cannot blame him for everything happened in our world especially those disasters and killings. If you are in pain because you lost a family or a loved one, he is more than in pain than what you felt. Yes, he is letting it happened to our world even it’s too difficult for him to watch and Yes, he knows everything that happened. But it doesn’t mean it is his will. The book set an example, A son who is living with his father for a long period of time decided to move and leave his father. But after he leaves his father he becomes worse, his father didn’t do anything about what happened to him, he just let his son leave him. He let it happen but he is not the cause of what happened to him and he will not be going to be the cause of anything that will provide us difficulties and pain.”

He is powerful but he let it all happened? Why? Maybe he just wanted us to learn from our mistakes and stand again to make it right. But I don’t know either his exact reason. It is Him who always know what is right for us. We just need to believe in him. There is also part of the book that he will again let us live in a beautiful world like before where there is no war, disaster, and pain, only fulfillment, and love. He will also let all dead comes to life, good and bad people, no exemption to give them a second chance to make all their wrong deeds into good. The big question is when it will be happening? No one can tell.

Just let us be happy we still here in this world, living with our friends and family. Let us all cherish the time we are all together. Just always live with his words and always trust him that he will not do anything that will make you feel bad.

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