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Why do we need to pray?

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Does God can really hear our prayers?

Did you ever wonder if God can really hear us? There’s a lot of churches, different places, different countries where people are praying, do our prayers get through to him? Or there’s someone get all our prayers and relay it all to him, like in a Company. God is the President and he has a secretary perhaps who relayed all the prayers of the people to him. What do you think? But God is powerful, he doesn’t need anyone to hear us all, he is powerful enough to get all our message, he heard all our prayers and worries, and he didn’t even get tired from listening to us.

Why do we need to pray? And if he really heard us all why he didn’t answer all our prayers?

Through our prayers, God let us submit ourselves to him, it’s indeed a great opportunity for us that God letting us communicate with him. We need to be thankful for this opportunity. By submitting ourselves to him through our prayers we get close to him. And by being close to him, we understand each other. We’re going to understand his words and all his teachings and he will be going to understand what we need. He heard us all but not all our prayers are answered by him. It’s not his fault, maybe you did not completely submit yourself to him, maybe your prayers are not coming from your heart that’s why it’s not strong enough to be answered. He doesn’t like a person who prays just to be seen by others that he’s praying, it’s not a real prayer. Our relationship with God is like a relationship on loving someone, both have a responsibility to give and to receive. Then what God needs from us? Just simple, loving him, have faith in him and learn all his teachings by heart and do it into action. Do good all the time if there is a chance. And if we pray, especially if we asking him something, you need to work for it, as for example, you ask him to give you food for the day but you sleep all day, do you think God will answer your prayer? It’s a big NO, but it’s a different case if you are sick and can’t really move and do anything at all. I believe that sometimes God will not have answered the prayer because it will not be good for you or maybe the outcome will hurt others. He doesn’t want that to happen. If he didn’t answer your prayer just instant, don’t let yourself think that he is abandoning you, consider the thought that maybe it’s not yet the right time. Have patience and continue praying and continue to show your faith by entrusting everything to him and for sure it will be answered in time.

Is there any position that we need to do once we are praying or is there a certain length of prayers that God provides us to follow?

Nothing, we can pray even we are standing, even we are sitting, even we are in our knees, or any position you would like in any place, any time. As long as you are comfortable to let your heart be open to God. The important thing is you pray by heart, you pray with sincerity and not just for the sake of showing others that you are praying. And there’s no length of prayers that God allows us to do, even it is long or short it doesn’t matter. He didn’t provide a limitation, as long as we say our good intention and showed to him our strong faith in him.

How does God answer our prayers?

He answers our prayers through his angels and holy spirits, sometimes we find the answer through his words by reading the bible but most of the time he will ask someone to help us and the said person will provide what we asked for him.

What would be the composition of our prayers?

When I am praying I started from saying my thanks to God for giving me a life that until today I can be with my family and enjoying the life together. I will ask him to continue to guide our family and continue letting us use the life he was given to us in a good way. Then I’m going to say my worries and I will ask him to provide the best solution to it. Sometimes I ask him to guide me in making a decision or give me a sign especially if it’s too difficult to decide. I don’t know, there’s something that will be going to happen eventually and then I will be going to think that “this is it, maybe it will be his answer”. Lastly, I ask his forgiveness, even I know I didn’t do wrong for a day, I still ask him for forgiveness. Sometimes we didn’t notice we do a mistake like for example, you saw a couple then you think they are not compatible cause for you the man is too handsome for the girl and at the back of your mind “she’s not that beautiful, they do not look good together”. You're already judging the person even she didn’t know what you think about her and we knew it’s bad. You need to ask forgiveness to God and especially to the person you do wrong.


Let us all pray together.


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